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This round, round cake… who could it be?






Woolcub - Black Sheep Pokemon - Fairy type

Howoolf - Big Wolf Pokemon - Fairy/Dark type

A fake sheep Pokemon and its evolution, using ” A wolf in sheep’s clothing” as a theme…

I’m fucking fascinated with this concept.

petition to get this into gen 7.

this is ingenius.

This is so clever.


what’s that thing called when your crush likes you back

oh yeah



Trip is a character that really is divided among the fandom, some like him others can’t stand him. Now, as character I have no real issue with him, he seems to be a somewhat inquisitive character who’s got rather cynical outlook but does seem to have a kind personality underneath the stand off-ish attitude. His admiration/broken pedestal/re-admiration character arc with Aldder is also interesting.

But just by look at him as Ash’s rival? He comes off rather weak to me.

Now for the sake of fairness I will avoid comparing Trip to past rivals in this series (especially to a certain purple haired character) and just look at him on his own merits.

First lets start with what set the rivalry off. Ash ran into Trip when he was starting out on his journey, Trip learned that Ash was from Pallet Town in Kanto, to which Trip dismissed it a something of a hic town which riled Ash up and from there it’s history. Ash’s cheery and somewhat abrasive attitude seemed to view Ash as something of an amateur who apparently doesnt know the “basic stuff” of Pokemon training, and the rivalry seems be mostly about Ash trying to prove Trip that he’s more then meets the eye and is worthy of being considered his equal.

After this Trip and Ash have five battles. Three of them ending in Trip’s favor, two in Ash’s and one ends in a tie. First we have the Snivy vs Pikachu battle. Now a lot of people were pissed when Pikachu lost to a fresh out of the lab Snivy…BUT, Pikachu was severely messed up by Zekrom and caught Ash off guard. The second battle is a 6 vs 5 match which consisted of Trip completely mowing over Ash with only Pikachu and Snivy putting up anything resembling a decent fight. The third battle went a lot better, where Ash is able to hold his own decently and ended up tying with him. Then we have the Junior Cup, where Pignite lost badly to Serperior, not even landing a single hit despite the type advantage (Serperior was severely OP like that). So as you can see, Ash didn’t really have an impeccable track record against Trip, which frankly gave Trip free reign to keep talking down to him as if he doesn’t know the basics. Another thing that bothered me was that Trip had to practically be brow beatened into battling Ash, it just seems odd that you have a rivalry where 1/2 of the dynamic doesn’t want to be involved at all.

And finally we have the League battle, man this was just a mess. The rival battle is supposed to be one of the battles the writers put the most amount of focus, time, and effort into, and what we get is one of the worst cases of DEM in a long time.  To put it simply, the entire battle goes like this: Trip has the edge for the entire duration of the match, Pikachu is clearly displayed to be no match for Serperior’s speed and after taking many hits, eventually gets caught in it’s Bind attack. Now Pikachu manages to escape with a decent display of quick thinking by using Iorn Tail to get out of it, but then we have the real kicker. Ash then makes up a Iorn Tail/Electro Ball combination that was never seen before and it’s able to take down Serperior in one hit, dispute taking no damage previously while Pikachu took tons of it. Like…..why is it so lazy? I mean, they already don’t really mind ending the rivalry in just a simple 1 vs 1 match, the least they could do was make it a really good one.

It was just disappointing for me, despite my issues with the rivalry I did at least think they deserved a better battle then this, such a shame.

What was the lesson here? What did Trip learn from his time butting heads with Ash? Nothing really explicit it seems. What did Ash learn? Well about the same amount. Trip learned more from Aldder then Ash,  his last battle with him is what caused him to mellow out eventually, Trip doesn’t learn to accept or respect Ash because of what Ash did. And…..and that’s it. Trip and Ash parts ways having learned nothing from each other and they’ll probably never meet again.

I dunno, maybe I’m missing something with all this? I get the feeling that Trip wasn’t never meant to be a serious rival to Ash, given the fact that he had like 4 other rivals to contend with (Stephan, Bianca, Cameron, and Virgil if you really want to stretch it that far) , there probably was never a real “rival” for Ash, in the sense that no singular recurring figure that Ash battled with was /the/ rival. 

If I’m being honest I found Stephan to be a slightly better rival then Trip. He was fun, always excited at the prospect of battling anyone, and shared something of a “common ground” dynamic with Ash. Granted we’ve seen this before with characters like Morrison, Barry and later on Cameron (who took it way to far) but at least it was something a bit more involved you know?





when ash worked out at the wrong type of gym 

Serena want some of that sugar.


Zygarde - Land’s Wrath

Back to college.

Back to suckiness. 


the regions



I thought the anime was flawless, but Eren and Armin appear to be much closer in the manga. Why anime why D:

Because the director wants Armin to become a dictator lol

Man, dictator Armin - I can’t wait for that.