Oooh boy I think we need to learn what the definition of Mary Sue is because I really hate it when that term is thrown around. There is TONS of debate whether Mary Sue can be applied to canon characters first of all. And second its only used on female characters in general. A popular argument is if Batman was female he’d be called a Mary Sue. 

Now the actual definition of Mary Sue varies but GENERALLY it means a character the universe bends to accommodate. They have few challenges, rarely have to deal with consequences, they are constantly glorified, their name is usually based off a name the writer has or wants to have

You know who fits most of those criteria? Satoshi. But he’s not a Mary/Gary/Marty Sue either

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Okay good now you know a bit about Mary Sues. Does she deal with consequences? Not really but we still don’t know much about her, does she have no challenges? I would argue she does. Is she glorified? AHAHAHAHA she barely gets any development as it is. Only in advertisements

Okay Fennekin learned moves out of nowhere but so did Satoshi’s Pokemon. Multiple time So did Axew, and yes Outrage was a mary sue moment, but didn’t make Iris a full mary sue either. So did Dento. Twice I believe. And Dento was also dangerously close to sue territory due to looking like he had no flaws. No wonder Cabernet hated him. But he did. 

The point I’m trying to make is, the term Mary Sue is dangerous and thrown around too much. No one in Pokemon is a Mary Sue. Is there bad writing that looks like characters have the qualities of Sues? Sure. But a couple things here and there don’t make a character a sue.

What happened with Serena was not a Sue moment either. Now if she was in a tourney and wasn’t going to win but suddently Fennekin learns some amazing supa powerful move out of nowhere that is NEVER used again? Yes that would be a sue moment. But it’s also just a moment and Pokemon has plenty of them. Serena fighting Team Rocket with a Flamethrower? Not even close. Hey remember Haruka’s Squirtle? People called that thing DEM but it didn’t make Haruka a Sue did it?

Serena needs development yes but it was TEAM ROCKET and its not like they weren’t defeated by feats like this before. Personally I’m glad she’s doing something finally and hope she continues to do things. Once she has a feat like this in a tournament or even maybe against another trainer (Shauna?) THEN you can complain all you want. But it’s Team Rocket.

If you dislike a character, just say you dislike them. 

Don’t call them a Mary Sue.

I am so sick of that term.












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I think I’m done with Serena for today.

I’ll watch the actual episode again and try to write up a proper review since the episode was truly fucking amazing.

Photo 1. Mary Sue

Photo 2. Mary Sue

Photo 3: ??? (Future Mary Sue?)

I guess being a Mary Sue is a phase every girl companion from now on will have to go through? Man, these characters get more controversial with each passing gen. I can’t wait for gen 7!

I sincerely thought the Mary Sue crap was going to be over with once Iris left, but nope, here it is again. 

vallhala asked: It's funny how, when you criticize Serena, you conveniently forget the times she actually ordered Fennekin to use moves, from Ember to Hidden Power and Flamethrower and that she actually attacked Team Rocket in her first focus episode and fought Meowth in the Amaura episode. Yes, way to forget that! I'm also not expecting you to publish this ask because that would beat your ridiculous logic that has Serena being a Mary Sue despite the fact she already ordered Fennekin moves before.


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So, first Serena was a Mary Sue for commanding Fennekin to use Flamethrower and now you’re changing your plan and Serena is a Mary Sue because her Fennekin learned Flamethrower and knew Hidden Power all along? Which kinda has nothing to do with what happened in today’s situation? Because your post started with Serena being a Mary Sue for ordering Fennekin to use a move. So why are you suddenly changing everything?


Serena probably could comb her hair and there would probably be heated debate spawning from it lol

I think people would call her a Mary Sue because she has never displayed the skills of combing and OMG how the hell can she comb her hair?

Why are people so disappointing? 





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How exactly is Serena a mary sue? I mean, its okay for Ash to be a natural at it (even if he is a better trainer he still never sky battled before) but Serena issuing one command via Fenneking is instantly unresonable? Maybe if Fennekin was a flying Pokemon id see the issue but it was stationary on her shoulder, I can’t imagine it wouldnt be that hard to fire a flamethrower that way?

Im just happy Serena got more proactive, tbh.

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I understand that, but at the same time it’s Team Rocket. Serena has had a hand in taking them out like…three times at this point (Ryhorn, Pokevision, Pokeffle), and it’s not like she was in an intense battle here, it’s issuing a simple flamethrower command, I think Serena is allowed to at least have that since she kinda failed at most convential battles so far anyway (as we saw with Corsola , Flabebe and the Amura episode when she tried fighting Meowth one on one).

Noodle, forget it, we’re facing one of the cases where the person’s bias will never cease to be and they will continuously criticize the character no matter what they do.

- Serena orders Fennekin to use Ember in XY007 and blasts off TR which is when Serena realizes she can battle too which is a part of her development people conveniently forget.

- Serena orders Fennekin to use Hidden Power on Meowth in XY023.

- Serena fights Team Rocket again in XY026 and joins forces with Ash and Millefeui. 


No. Serena never displayed any battling skills … at all. -_-

Serena does nothing: OMG SERENA SUCKS

Serena does something: OMG SERENA IS A MARY SUE, SHE SUCKS

LOL, what is this, Best Wishes?